The Lord showed me how this was a glimpse of Jesus and His Bride. In all the difficult jumps and turns that she performed the King was by her side supporting and helping her achieve all these difficult tasks. The Bride is dressed in pure white (Purity) and out performs all else surrounding her. Even though they are all talented they don’t even compare to Her and her beauty and grace. There is a large retinue of dancers throughout the ballet, some aare more talented and better fitted for their roles than others, but only the Bride is perfect and perfectly suited to dance with the King.
Then she goes from being the Bride to becoming Royalty (symbolized by her change from simple white to Purple) with her most Beloved King by her side for indeed if it had not been for Him she would never have been able to accomplish the difficult manuevers that had been required of her.
      There is definitely a great reward for the Bride of Christ and we are on the very verge of Jesus returning to take his Bride away. There is none that can compare to the Bride of Christ. Throughout eternity she will always be His Bride and will never be absent from His presence. Jesus is all about His Bride and He too is waiting for Her to be presented before all the world to look upon beauty with awe and inspiration. Her testimony will be what Jesus has done for Her.

         And the Spirit and
        the Bride, say Come!



Urban Nutcracker

A Pageant of The Bride

by Joelle Gagnon 12-11-10

I went to see an Urban Nutcracker show this week-end and the Lord showed me it was a beautiful pageant about His Bride. It’s a modern version of the “The Nutcracker Ballet”. It starts off with an urban city scene and people dancing. There are many cultures and nationalities and a variety of dances in this from Hip-Hop to a kind of Michael Jackson character, some tap, modern and ballet.

As the show continues we meet many characters, at first we get only glimpses of a mysterious character the Snow Queen. First she appears in and out of a few dances with others on stage. She is so beautiful all dressed in pure white, with sparkling jewels on her outfit and wearing a crown.  Every time She appears on the scene she out stages everyone and you can’t help but focus in on what she is doing. She almost always appears with the Snow King. It’s very rare that they aren’t seen together on stage. As the performance continues there are numerous dance numbers performed by all kinds of talented people from all over the world, but then we see The Snow Queen and King appear and do the most beautiful and spectacular dance I had ever seen. The Queen does a number of turns and difficult jumps and remarkable poses, the King is always by her side helping her, holding her hand, supporting her in all that she is doing. He lifts her up and helps her perform these beautiful turns and all the while he is looking at her with awe and never taking his eyes off her. You can feel the absolute joy he takes in helping her and dancing with her.

As time progresses she gets a wonderful solo performance; she’s so beautiful and graceful as she dances. There is barely a sound in the audience and everyone is so captivated by her. He then comes back to join her. But then the onlookers begin to wonder, will He dance solo too? Will He show us what He can do? He is so muscular and in top form. Here he is making her look so wonderful. I was hoping I would see Him do His thing. At last He takes center stage alone and performs the most spectacular jumps and leaps through the air like there is nothing to it. He made everything seem so effortless and yet they were indeed difficult maneuvers. The audience is mezmerized by its beauty, It was so euphoric. I was on the edge of my seat watching this awesome performance and feeling a kind of spiritual high. At times it was so beautiful I had to fight back tears. Then she joins him back on stage and they are reunited, dancing so beautifully together again, so graceful so tender, so perfect together and loving toward each other. All eyes were on them and everyone was in silence almost holding their breath hoping that their silence would keep the moment frozen in time. Even the audience was in unity with the unity of the King and Queen.

Later they appear again on the scene only this time they are dressed in Shades of Purple/Lavender and again they woo the crowd with their graceful beautiful performance. In other Nutcracker performances I’ve even seen them get taken off the stage in a horse drawn carriage. Which is so symbolic of the chariot of fire and tied closely to the rapture.

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