Enter the main part of our website through the page above. Once on this page select To The Bride arrow to embark on the Journey to Brideship. This is what we have chosen to call the adventure that is the Christian's walk to perfection. You will find we have constructed this side in a progressive (or ascending) order beginning with the basics of being born-again all the way to perfection or being a part of that blessed company called the Bride of Christ who have the promise that they will be kept from the hour of temptation that will come upon all the earth. We think you will be surprised to find out what God considers perfection.

A Pageant of the Bride: Christ and His Bride Will Be In Spiritual Unison

On this page your second choice is to click on the To The Antichrist arrow. This choice will lead you to the opposing half of our website. This side is also constructed in a progressive order, only this side proceeds in a descending fashion. This trip begins with the three voices of our enemies which speak to every man who has ever lived and try to coax him or her on that broad highway that leads to ultimate destruction. Follow the progress to hell through the seduction of Mystery Religion (Babylon) through the rise and destiny of the antichrist kingdom and man to the ultimate end of all who follow him.





Jesus and the prophets prophesied of many signs that would preceded his return. These were given to the church to stir up faith for that imminent return. Beginning with the destruction of the Temple by Titus less than 40 years after Jesus' ascension and on down through the ages to this very day, Christians who have watched for these signs and took note of them have been greatly comforted and had their faith bolstered that Jesus will return as promised and those who have looked for His coming, whether they be asleep or in this flesh, at the time when He will appear, will be caught up with Him. We have kept an eye out for these signs on a continual basis and have gathered many in the above link.

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Prophecy is being fulfilled at an ever increasing pace. Hardly a day goes by when we are not reminded about the times we live in by events that were foretold in God's Word. In order to try to keep you informed of these events and also as an editorial vehicle for any current events we might feel we need to speak about we have included an online newspaper called The Trumpeteer.


Daniel was a prototype for the end-times saints. He was captured at an early age and forced into the service of the antichrist figure, Nebuchadnezzer. In spite of his "misfortune" Daniel still found perfection in serving God. See how Daniel attained the testimony of a "man greatly beloved" and how we need to live by the same kind of faith Daniel had to please God in these very similar times. Daniel truly is God's End-Times Secret Weapon for his beloved saints.


Sprinkled throughout our website you will find links to testimonies and Gifts of the Spirit. We believe the Gifts are for the Church and are given for the express purpose of building or edifying the body of Christ. They are not for personal gain or to lift any above others. These are precious to us and have helped in keeping us cued in to what God's Spirit was doing. Therefore we will share them in the appropriate places. These can be identified by headings similar the the one below.


We will also link testimonies of all sorts throughout this website. We feel these are important because they illustrate our faith in action. We truly believe the things we write about and have walked in them therefore we testify to this. Another important purpose for any and all Christians to testify to the power of God in their personal lives is that it is one of three weapons we have against the enemy of our souls.

"And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time." Rev 12.10-12


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     Thephiladelphiafaith.org is concerned with educating people about the Biblically prophesied phenomenon popularly called The Rapture. We teach that those who will be raptured are those who have sought after Christian Brideship, those who not only wish to be Christ’s beloved forever, but strive in the actions and fabric of their everyday life to receive His love and return it with their whole being – body, soul and spirit. We try to cut through all the presumptions and clichés that have built up over the last four or five decades. We hope to show our readers the fundamental goal that any person living on this tumultuous planet today ought to be pointed toward: namely brideship of Christ and the hope of being Raptured. We try to state this passion of ours as simply as possible, whether in the on-line newspaper The Trumpeteer (accessed on this site) or in the flow of our myriad web pages dedicated to teaching and testifying to Christ’s fast approaching Return.
     The truths of this eventful judgment cannot be overstated. Salvation, which is translated fromt he Greek Word for health, is God's hope for all, but sadly, it will not be realized in its fullest but by those few who by faith receive it by the merciful hand of God through Jesus, his only Son. The world and its people are under siege from a variety of enemies, not least of all demonic forces and the antichrist spirit. We believe the Bible clearly teaches that a person must be properly prepared in the spirit if one hopes to “escape all the dramatic troubles that shall befall us”, which are even now descending and will be pouring out in the evil days, months and, if time allows, years just ahead.

Through the knowledge of God’s Word and His prophecies, by the unfurling of the God-given signs of Christ’s Return, which we chronicle in detail on this site, it now seems that the appearance of the Antichrist on the world stage (or, at least the foundational global kingdom upon which his ruling power will be based) will likely precede The Rapture. Therefore, we are compelled to teach about the advent of the Antichrist and this march toward globalization of economy and nations into a world kingdom of oppostiion to God in heaven. We try to be vigilant, try to expose the powers at work that lure and seduce us into any of the antichrist webs of spiritual deceit and thereby kill our zest and hope for life and happiness.
      We wish to help in every way, those who believe in the Rapture. If you find that your faith or interest is centered in the Rapture and its call to brideship, as ours is, we hope you will join us in Fellowship Hall (on this webstie), and that you will make your questions known and your requests for prayer and communion with us (even if only elctronically) a part of your spiritual life. All of our visitors and browsers are welcome to E-mail us with any and all questions or inquiries concerning our faith and the high calling that is in Christ Jesus. If you wish to further inquire about entering into fellowship with our site (which is a more personal relationship with us) which would include access to Fellowship Hall, its messages, discussions and interactive ministering (including prayers, praise, and submission of faith material of your own) and any technology now available or available in the future, that makes a lively fellowship possible, this is available to all those who have a notion or a certainty that they share the same faith as we of The Open Door Fellowship at ThePhiladelphiaFaith.org.
      The appearance of Antichrist and Christ at the end times run concurrent, though it remains uncertain as to who shall appear first, Christ in the clouds to Rapture the faithful Bride, or Antichrist to drag the unbelieving world into a quagmire of despair and finally to a horrific doom.
 It is precisely for this reason that we have divided our site into two distinct sides, Antichrist and Bride side. Smack dab in the middle of these two opposing forces stands the our detailed accounts of the Signs of Christ’s Return as they have cascaded down through the two thousand years of this epic age between the first and second comings of Christ. The Signs of Christ's Return are critical because they are an undeniable compass of truths that point directly to the end of this age and Christ's Return. One side of our site speaks of the Rapture and teaches on the ultimate Christian goal: Brideship. The other side warns us of the Antichrist, teaching us how to identify it, flee from any lingering attachments to it, and to take seriously the mortal threat it continually presents to persons of faith in Jesus Christ. Because of this we are intensely and wholly dedicated to the maturity and perfection of all born-again Christians. Particularly, we urge those who are waiting patiently for, and preparing themselves spiritually, in anticipation of the return of Jesus Christ in the clouds. We urge all who might hear the call to the concept of brideship to “take heed to themselves”, “watch!”, and to "take care and see that they be not deceived”.

In these troubled, unstable days it is obvious that the entire world is at an historic crossroad. Every continent, including ours, suffers war, rebellion and/or commotions. Nature is taking more than its usual toll on man. The economy has cracks and fissures in it like the earthquakes that seem to hit haphazardly, but regularly, in all parts of the globe. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, the end of this age is fast approaching, the ancient Antichrist Kingdom is quickly coming to its ultimate form and power. Among the material on the website is a presentation of world history following the evolution of the antichrist spirit and kingdom by way of biblical prophecy. In it we chronicle the Rise and Fall of the Antichrist Kingdom and its sister, Mystery Babylon/Religion from its roots in the ancient world up to the present moment in what is titled: "The Redemption Play". We also offer a full profile of the Antichrist which has been sifted out from infamous antichrist archetypes down through prophetic history. We hope this will help to give us more than just an inkling of who and what the approaching Evil One will be like. To multitudes of honest Christians everywhere, the time of Christ’s appearing and the Rapture seems sure that it will fall upon this generation. As for the increasing darkness and evil of the times? Who can deny that evil and the perils of life are on an astronomical rise, especially since the two World Wars of the last century?

It is only right to conclude that Christians stand at a crossroad of the greatest significance. The World holds on to its own. Christ beckons. The Antichrist and his kingdom summons all flesh to his side, promises health and happiness and equity for all. Christ and the Spirit are calling the Bride to life, safety and eternal glory. To whom shall we turn? Which fork will we take? Check out and study this website and find out which path you are on if you don't already know. If you know, let this site confirm your direction that you may make corrections if need be. The direction we ultimately choose will make all the difference, will determine one's fate. What path am I on - that dusty, crumbling road of sand constantly shifting beneath our feet? or am I on that airy golden causeway ascending like a mountain road to Rapture? Be sure, most will choose the broad way. Do not follow the crowd, this is the suggestion of this site. Only a relative few will take the high way. Can you identify which fork you’ve taken, which of the two roads you travelled on this very day? If you are frightened, downcast and uncertain where you are headed you should take it as an indication that you are on a dead-end road to a dismal destination? This website can give you a clear and definitive answer to what road you are traversing and why. We are a sign post offering a better route, the best route. We are a navigational tool giving us the most direct route to the best destination transmitted to us from the satellite from heaven's gate. It can show you how to avoid traversing the dangerous path of this world, and help you to travel briskly on the path to eternal union with God. This is the path taken by the Bride.

This website is designed to show the nature of the two paths, the seduction of one, and the invitation of the other. It can inform as to what God asks of a person, what is required by faith, what the ramifications will be for living in the World, what the blessings are for walking and even now abiding with Christ in the spirit. This site expounds in detail on what it takes to be the Bride of Christ, and makes clear the cost exacted by Truth's necessity. Either road, world or heaven, has a cost, exacts a price, takes its toll. Obviously, no one can take both roads at the same time. It is one or the other. We must choose. If we pay the price to ascend to heaven's gate in the moment of the Rapture by giving our all to Jesus, He will return everything that is good and beautiful to us in kind; for He shall give us ‘everything’ that is lasting, sweet and good. If we give Him nothing, insist on taking the dirt path as our own guide, then we can be sure we shall receive from Him the very same - nothing. If we walk that worldly well trammeled road it will cost us everything and we will end up with nothing, without life itself lost for ever on the lonely dark road of dead end despair.

Jesus reassured the faithful when He said, “Fear not little flock for it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” The Bride will be separated, purified and prepared to meet Jesus. The Bride waits with justified anticipation to receive her inheritance of 'all things'. There is a church which will be “holy, without spot or wrinkle, or blemish or any such thing.” This does not suggest the whole church, but a church. The Bride is not a gender thing for she includes all races, genders and ages who have chosen Christ over the world. This is the Bride. Come and find out for yourself about the Bride. You can study about it at this website and meet people who are walking on the same adventurous path of faith. Rather than being filled with selfish disregard, travelling that rocky dirt path of this passing world which we formerly trod, we strive to walk simply and honestly with God. We wish to be filled with the Spirit and travel straight along the eternal golden road of life and liberty under the spirit's guidance, while endeavoring to steer clear of all vain religious trappings and subtle antichrist overtures to seduce us away from our objective. We invite one and all to take up their place along this road of glory, to seize hold of life. We are challenged to make this website and all that is reported herein so that it will be a boon to your spirit and life along your adventure toward glory.

       Cordially: The Open Door Fellowship at              thephiladelphiafaith.org